Can you relate to these problems?

  • No one is visiting your website or web page.
  • Users see your website on google or any other platform but they don’t click it.
  • If users or customers come to your website but don’t buy anything.
  • And you are not able to describe your product in the right way.

If yes, then you are on the right web page, I will give you the best tips for how to create a product copy in just 9 simple steps. 

You can implement these steps and get 5 times better results and gain passive income. So read these steps and use them or put them in your back pocket for later.

1. Write Killer Headlines

The headline is the first and the most prominent part of your product copy.

A headline is like the door of your product page if the headline is eye-catching or attention-grabbing then the door of your page will open unless the user ignores your page and looks for another better result.

So give time to make headlines, According to marketing research, 80% of your product page depends on your headline. So make it a killer one.

The Headlines Should Be:

  1. Short and Simple
  2. Relevant
  3. Unique
  4. Thought-Provoking
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2. Support Headlines With Leads

What are the leads? Leads are the first 100 words after your headline, or you can say it is a bridge between your headline and your remaining Copy.

It holds the user with your product page so the lead must be supported your headline and hold your users.

You can write a summary of your blog or the product page or write some interesting facts about your product. 

Leads Should Be:

  1. Solid
  2. Relevant
  3. Within 150 words
  4. Enticing

3. Write Simple

While writing your blog or product description try to write simply as you can.

Don’t use earthshaking words keep it simple and sweet, Users will like the simple stuff and relate easily with their life.

It helps you to communicate your message Quickly, Easily, and clearly.

How To Write Simply?

  1. Plan Your Writing
  2. Use only Specific Points
  3. Use Short Sentences
  4. Use active Voice
  5. Simplify Your Words.

4. Flip the Features into Benefits.

Firstly know your products, What is your product all about?

As your users only look for their benefits on your product page, They don’t care about your product formulas or any technical things about your Product.

So how do you flip the features into benefits? I will give you one example.

B limited company said our shampoo has XYZ formula. This is the feature of their product.

Now how you can turn this feature into benefits: Our shampoo has XYZ formula which smoothes your hair quickly.

So look at the difference, which one provides better value to your users and customers.

5. Use Testimonial And Reviews

Testimonial and reviews are social proofs that give satisfaction to the users that your product has good quality and provide value to you.

People don’t want low-quality products or services; testimonials may assure them that they won’t be caught up with cheap products.

So make sure Your Page has enough Testimonials or reviews.

6. Use AIDA Formula

AIDA is a Formula or Template For providing Structure to your Copy. There are a lot of formulas also are there but It is a very handy Formula to use in your Copy.

Here’s the Explanation:

A- Attention

First, grab the reader by their eyeballs with prominent pieces of copy.

I- Interest

Next, spark their interest by mentioning something different and unique. Like some interesting facts about your product or some good statistics.

D- Desire

Explain to your audience why they should want what you are offering by showing benefits or Testimonials of your products.

A- Action

Finally, ask them to do something to get the payoff, Like click here, Download now, Add to the cart, etc.

7. Give Time To Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a very beneficial thing for any website, It can give you long-term search traffic from google and you have a big opportunity to generate more sales through your website.

So work on SEO optimize your page with some specific keywords and create backlinks and see some magical results.

8. Know Your Competition

It is a very crucial thing while preparing your Product copy. Go to your competitor’s web page and see what they are offering to their audience.

See the benefits, price, or quality of their products and Create your Unique selling point(USP).

USP means how your products or services are different from others and how it is better than others.

USP Based On:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Service

USP Must Be:

  • Clear and Concise
  • Focus on benefits
  • Differentiate yourself
  • Build Trust

9. Make An Irresistible Call To Action (CTA)

CTA is a button or link that your users click to purchase or put their email address and sign up.

CTA is different For every web page, for example, An e-commerce Website CTA is Buy now, but when comes to a blog website their CTA is like Sign up.

How to make an irresistible Call to Action (CTA)

  • CTA’S should be Short.
  • Relevant and Clear.
  • An action-oriented label like buy or download now.
  • Add the word “now”
  • Add offer
  • Create urgency like limited stock or 2 days left for the offer.
  • Create safety like a money-back guarantee or 30 days exchange policy

I hope you liked those tips and tricks for creating an effective copy for your product. 

So give your feedback in the comment section and put your email address on the sign-up form for more useful updates related to your product copy will be delivered to your inbox. 

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