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How to Get a Business Loan in 5 Simple Steps



Calculate How Many Funds You Need

Decide whether you want funds for expansion, or to fund your operational cost.

Check Eligibility Requirements

As per SBA, eligibility is primarily based on what the business does and in which industry your business operates. Note: Business Must Meet SBA Size Standards.

Decide Repayment Terms

Before deciding on repayment, you must look at your business financials first and then decide how much you can afford to repay the loans.

Decide Loan Collateralization

Collateralization is a process of securing a loan where the lender will seize the assets if the borrower fails to repay. There are two types of collateral 1) Real Estate 2) Business Equipment

Types Of Loans

There are three major types of loans 1) Term Loans Best For: Large Enterprise 2) SBA loans Best For: Small Business 3) Short-Term & Long-Term Loans Best For: New Businesses 

Apply For A Loan

Congrats! You've made it.

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